Saturday, 15 May 2010

Saddington Marriages 1691 to 1865 and Baptism and Burial Strays 1699 to 1804

All the credit for the addition of these records goes to June Fleetwood, who shared these with the Leicestershire list between February and May 2006, thank you June! Rather than adding these individually, I am just adding the links to her posts, please scroll down to discover the additional records which may be relevant to your research.

Please note, that I may have missed some of her posts, so please check the Leicestershire list archives for yourself and if you do find any I have missed, please let me know and I will add these to my blog.

Marriages in Saddington, Leicestershire 1691 to 1811
Marriages in Saddington, Leicestershire 1814 to 1836
Marriages in Saddington, Leicestershire 1837 to 1865
Saddington Baptism and Burial Strays 1699 to 1804

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