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Phillimore's Marriages - Withcote 1681 to 1837

Volume 1. Is a small register of five leaves of parchment in parchment cover, in good preservation. Its size is 7 in. by 9 in., and it contains entries (partly transcript) of Births, Marriages and Burials, generally alloted to separate pages, but sometimes mixed.

Volume II. For Marriages; a thin paper folio in boards, rather damaged by damp. The entries are on the printed forms with Banns attached and end with 1812, leaving many pages blank. The Baptisms and Burials of this period are in another thin folio, partly parchment and partly paper, in rough calf boards.

Volume III. Marriages from 1812-1848, with later entries duplicated in modern books. This book is a parchment-covered folio of printed forms, and corresponds with Baptism and Burial Registers still in use.

There are Transcripts at Leicester of the lost volume of Withcote Register for the year 1631 to 1634 and 1636 to 1639.

Launde Abbey

The Chapel within the dwelling house still called Launde Abbey, being presumed to be unlicensed for marriages, residents in Launde Lordship, which is extra parochial, are in some cases married at Withcote; other marriages take place at Loddington. these Marriages have been copied by Sir Geoffrey Palmer, Bt., of Withcote Hall, by permission of the Rev. F. E. C. Easter, Rector of Withcote.

Volume I.

Thomas Brake, of Uppingham, & Martha Bradshaw, of Withcock 22 Dec. 1681
Ed. Varnham, of Owston, & Ruth March, of Withcock 29 Apr. 1690
Charles Sydney, of Gnawston [Knossington],
& Jane Cantons, of Braunstone, by Mr. Freer 9 Apr. 1694
John Orton, of Liddington, & Elizabeth Burbdge, of Withcote 30 Apr. 1699
Thomas White, of Tilton, & Mary Gilford, of Withcote 15 May 1709
Edward Wright, of Oakham, gent.,
& Mrs Frances Elizabeth Pick, of Withcote 9 July 1713
Wm Pick, of Withcote, & Elizabeth Nailor, of Owston 27 June 1715
William Hill & Ann Willcocks, both of Owston 4 June 1741
George Hill, of Owston, grazier, & Mary Adcock, housemaid, lic. 29 July 1742
Thomas Bransom, of Tilton, & Mary Kilby, of Owston 2 Aug. 1742
Thomas Gilford, jun., & Mary Rossmore 6 Apr. 1745
Robert Pick, of Knauston [Knossington],
& Elizabeth Hand, of Oakham 4 Dec. 1749
John Stapleford & Ann Issit, both of W. 18 Oct. 1774*

Volume II.

Christopher Steephills of Braunstone & Sarah Andrews of Withcote 14 Sept. 1755
Daniel Pick & Ann Draper, both of Withcote 20 Jan. 1761
Henry Smith & Mary Simpson, both of Withcote, lic. 5 Feb. 1765
Wm Beaumont, of East Norton, & Mary Gilford, of Withcote 24 May 1779
Wm Adcock, of Oakham, & Mary Pick, of Withcote 3 Dec. 1781
Richard Munday, of Oakham, & Hannah Pick, of Withcote 27 Jan. 1784
Edward Ward, of Launde, & Rebecca Staines, of Launde 16 May 1785
Robert Robinson, of Braunstone, & Sarah Pick, of Withcote, lic. 14 Oct. 1785
Adam Mould, of Launde Abbey, w., & Mary Buzzard, of Launde, lic. 18 Feb. 1788
William White, of Launde Abbey, & Eliz. Wing, of Launde, lic. 11 June 1789
William Pick, of Withcote, & Mary Black, of Withcote, lic. 18 Mar. 1790
Stephen Dexter, of the parish of Glisboro’, Northants,
& Frances Buzzard, of Launde, lic. 7 Apr. 1790

*In this place in original.

Rich. Lane, of Somerby, & Ann Pick, of Withcote, lic. 9 Oct. 1791
James Harby & Ann Stafford, both of Launde 16 Sept. 1793
John Chamberlain, of Exton, & Elizabeth Hanes, of Withcote 15 Oct. 1793
Mark Anthony Whyte, of Lincoln’s Inn, Old Square, Middlesex,
& Maria Louisa Simpson, of Launde, lic. 13 Aug. 1798
William Bull, of Withcote, & Mary Maydwell, of Withcote 11 Nov. 1798
John Green, of Loddington, & Elizabeth Pick, of this parish, lic. 13 Dec. 1798
Richard Billson, of Withcote, & Elizabeth Bull, of Withcote 13 Oct. 1799
William Goodwin of Loddington & Elizabeth Scott of Withcote, lic. 6 July 1801
William Gamble, of Long Lyddington, Co. Rutland,
& Ann Beaumont, of Withcote, lic. 17 Feb. 1806
John Goodman, of Skeffington, & Mary Gill, of Withcote 10 Mar. 1806
Thomas Bird, of Launde Abbey, & Sarah Garton, of Launde, lic. 13 June 1806
Francis Brown, of Connington, Huntingdon,
& Jane Gamble, of Withcote, lic. 15 June 1807
John Royland & Ann Barker, both of Withcote 27 July 1807
Christopher Jenkinson, of Tilton, & Sarah Ellson, of Launde Abbey 10 Aug. 1807
Joseph Pretty of Knoston & Susannah Beaumont of this parish, lic. 28 Sept. 1807
William White, of Launde Abbey, & Mary Barker, of Launde, lic. 23 May 1810
John Barnett, of Oakham, & Ann Robinson, of Launde Abbey, lic. 24 Sept. 1811
Thomas Gill & Susanuah Gee, both of Withcote 3 Feb. 1812

Volume III.

Philip Miles & Elizth Briggs 3 Oct. 1813
Francis Frisby, of Launde, & Jane Caster, of Launde 9 Oct. 1815
William Vice & Mary Corby 5 Nov. 1817
John Randell, of Launde & Elizth Rippin p. of Ketton, co. Rutland 1 May 1818
Thomas Falkner, p. of Uppingham, & Elizth Crow, lic. 2 Sept. 1819
Samuel Cox & Mary Wakefield 12 Nov. 1820
John Gibbens p. of Bramcote, co. Nottm & Elizabeth Coy, of Launde 30 Apr. 1821
Willm Hill, p. of Oakham, & Jane Crow 11 June 1821
Gervase Mimmack p. of Braunstone & Sarah Robinson of Launde, lic. 2 June 1828
Edward Dawson, p. of Long Whatton, Leic.,
& Mary Finch Simpson, of Launde, lic. 22 July 1828
Henry Dawson, p. of Long Whatton, Leic.,
& Louisa Jane Finch Simpson, of Launde, lic. 28 Sept. 1830
Wm Smart, of Ropsley, Lincoinshire, & Mary Ann Stevenson, lic. 14 June 1836
[No Marriages in 1837.]